Quartier Libre provides insight to overhaul your governance, strategy, and organization in todays fast-changing world.

The world is moving, we help you to embrace change


Our clients come to us when they look for inspiration and efficiency to take up their strategic or organizationnal challenges.

We find our inspiration in the analysis of new habits, new life styles and new ways of working.

We travel around the world to meet professionals who successfully deliver actionable solutions in a world in upheaval.


The QL experience is to accept to be confronted to unique and disturbing insights.
The QL experience is to take time to read, explore, exchange and confront views.

Is to give up on corporatese and irrational ready-made solutions,

Is to act fast when the situation requires it or slowly when things need to be thought out

… Is to take responsabilty because no consultancy brands can replace the legitamacy of the real people in charge.

The QL experience is to accept to be confronted to unique and disturbing insights.
The QL experience is to take time to read, explore, exchange and confront views.


Run by its 3 co-founders, QL mobilises professionals – entrepreneurs, innovators, historians, geographers, journalists, artists, designers, architects, scientists… – in France and all over the world whose insights, experience and energy we leverage to add value to our clients.

  • ClementBerardi_200x270_color

    Clément Berardi


    Clement Berardi, a co-founder of Quartier Libre, is an expert in innovation and business strategy. He has helped blue chip companies, such as Suez Environnement, Pernod Ricard, SNCF, Orange et Bouygues Immobilier to redesign their organization and their innovation strategy. He has also led several strategic projects for the Champagne and Jewelry Industries. He supports awareness of new economic model and public sector reforms through creativity and disruption.

  • JulienEymery_200x270_color

    Julien Eymeri


    Now a co-founder of Quartier Libre, Julien Eymeri has for the last 15 years helped major clients to face critical challenges: managerial transformation for SNCF, new customer experience for PSA, innovative workspace implementation for Siemens, long-term strategy for the French Military Health Service and the launch of the Banque Postale.
    After touring the world for his clients and launching the first artist in residency program, he is more than ever committed to redesigning a human-centric strategy and organization.

  • FrancisRousseau_200x270_color

    Francis Rousseau

    A co-founder of Quartier Libre, Francis Rousseau headed Eurogroup Consulting until 2012.Today he chairs Eurogroup Consulting’s supervisory board and European Holding.
    Subversive leader, humanist constantly shying away from cocktails, benevolent sceptic, joined QL with the will to provide other leaders with his experience as a top business executive and consultant.
    Adventure beckons, as it is always akin to freedom, closeness, trust and most importantly, involvement. Adventures such as mergers, business development and delivering a long term vision in today’s fast-paced world.